Fast-Vac IVLHere are just of a few of our customer testimonies about Fast-Vac™ Industrial Vacuum Loaders


“With Guys Like These Operating Our Vacuum Loaders, We Have to Have tough-Built Fast-Vacs.”

We use three Fast-Vacs to clean up every type of spill you can imagine. From oil and water to lime, sand and coke. Cleaning up for everyone from steel and paper mills to roofing manufacturers and water treatment plants.

And they provide these services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Pretty rough duty for the Fast-Vacs. But not half as rough as the guys who operate them. Tough, rugged contractors who don’t have time to baby these babies. We don’t have time for downtime.

“We bought out first Fast-Vac because it was the best machine for our operation”,  “The other machines simply couldn’t stand up to the kind of rugged use we demand. Each Fast-Vac averages 4,400 hours of service a year and is operated by guys who don’t exactly handle these machines with kid gloves.”

When we asked him how the Fast-Vacs are doing, he told us: “Great! We’ve been able to maintain our work load with fewer units because we don’t have the downtime for maintenance with Fast-Vacs that we had with the other vacs.” We’ve found Fast-Vac to be a much greater value due to less maintenance, ease of operation and no major downtime. We’ve recovered the additional initial cost in the first year alone because the overall maintenance per-hour-of-operation is 30 to 60% less than our previous units.”

Would you buy more Fast-Vacs? “We wouldn’t consider anything else” . “We’re sold on Fast-Vac and will continue to purchase them as our needs grow for more units.”

If you want tough vacuum loaders designed and built to keep going long after the others have quit, take a good look at Fast-Vac.  You’ll soon see why they’re called “The Money Machines” by contractors all over the world.

Why did a “down under” contractor come all the way up to the “States” to buy Fast-Vac vacuum loaders?

“We were looking for the most up-to-date design,” says Phillip James, Branch Manager of Gardner Perrott, a Division of Brambles Holdings, Ltd. “We wanted to provide our operators with the most reliable, easy-to-maintain and simple-to-operate vacuum loaders on the market. And we doubted any Australian manufacturer’s machine could meet this criteria.”

So, what vacuum loaders did he look at as he traveled across the U.S.?

“We looked at almost everything on the market,” he continues.  We even talked to customers who were using them. The Fast-Vac was far superior to the other vacuum loaders we saw. Not only because of its design simplicity and ease of maintenance, but also because of its loading performance. It can clean up large spills in less time.”

How are Fast-Vacs making money for Gardner Perott? “They’ve reduced our maintenance and downtime costs considerably.” Phillip James responds. “And Fast-Vac’s superior performance gives us an edge on the most difficult jobs.”

Would Gardner Perrott buy more Fast-Vacs?

“Absolutely,” boasts Mr. James. “Fast-Vac has a machine they should be proud of. And their back-up service and assistance is outstanding. Especially when you consider how far away we are here in Australia.”

If you want dependable vacuum loaders designed and built to make you more money through superior performance and less downtime, take a good look at Fast-Vac. You’ll soon see why they’re called “The Money Machines” by contractors all over the world.