Fast-Vac Mini Series™Vacuum Loaders…
Fast-Vac Mini™ Series Industrial Vacuum Loader



are a heavy-duty, powerful, efficient, and dust free industrial vacuum module, integrally mounted on a suitable truck chassis for vacuum removal of virtually any dry material, sludge, slurries, and liquids from remote or inaccessible locations. It is easy to maneuver for a one man operation.





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Mini Series™ IVL Specifications

Vacuum Pump

The Model S2T has a positive displacement rotary lobe vacuum pump for 1550 icfm at 22” Hg at standard temperature and pressure. Pump has a jet inlet silencer and discharge silencer. Pump is isolated from chassis frame by rubber isolator mounts.


Transfer case with air shift in chassis cab. Transfer case is isolated from chassis frame by rubber isolator mounts.

6 1/2 Cu. Yd. Collection Body

The Model S2T has an 6 1/2 cu. yd. capacity material square collection hopper. The hopper is constructed of heavy gauge all welded steel construction and is reinforced to handle a negative pressure of 22 inches of mercury. Hydraulic lift with one double acting cylinder capable of achieving a minimum 50º dump angle. Hoist cylinder provides maximum stability while dumping. 6” rear inlet port with AR deflectors.


Hydraulic over mechanical for open, close, lock, and unlock mechanisms. D-ring style gasket assures proper sealing for liquids.


Transmission mounted PTO with hydraulic pump of adequate capacity and pressure rating. Necessary spool valves and circulation system of adequate pressure and capacity rating.

Filtration System

The filter bags are Teflon coated and the bag house will have an air to cloth ratio of 5.7 to 1 with 60 filter bags at 1550 icfm. Bags are installed with a “Snap Ring” retaining system. Filter cleaning is continuous and is accomplished by a programmed timed pulse of compressed air. Filter cleaning by the system air compressor maintains 100 psi with air tank. Filter bags are cleaned by a reverse pulse jet to the diaphragm valve controlled by a solid state sequencing timer contained in a NEMA 4 enclosure.


Controls in the cab are provided for shifting the transfer case, setting the engine throttle and reverse pulse jet system. Hydraulic controls are located above the truck frame for ease of operation and adequate ground clearance.

Instrumentation, 12 Volt DC

Outside Driver Side Controls include.

  • Chassis tachometer, hour meter, and air pressure gauge
  • Hydraulic dual lever, one for unlock and opening of rear and one for body dump cylinder
  • Dust tight pushbuttons for Vacuum start and Vacuum Stop
  • Digihelic differential pressure controller
  • Vacuum Gauge

Collector Body

Bag house dumps with the collector body.

Filtration system is of parallel design and is a dual mode which requires switchin from dry mode to wet mode or visa versa. Payload capacity is 6 1/2 cubic yards gross. Body is loaded through a 6” rear port via a deflector target plate inside the body.

The safety of the people working with or on the equipment is of primary concern and safely protected. Rear ladder for roof access and to filter baghouse. Top of baghouse and collector body has non-skid surface.


Two 3” Vacuum Relief Valves

Wet/Dry Level Probe

6” Vacuum Breaker, all fault opens vacuum breaker


Unit is designed for ease of maintenance. The unit has a lubrication chart attached. The unit also incorporates commonly manufactured components for ease of replacement of parts and service. CD is provided of the Operating and Maintenance manual.


The vacuum module is manufactured with industry standard components. The unit is welded by certified welders to assure the highest quality. The unit incorporates all new components. No remanufactured or used parts are used. Unit is quoted with Rust-Oleum High Gloss Polyester Urethane in Fast-Vac White.


Fast-Vac reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Download Spec Sheet


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