Pre-Owned Units

Fast-Vac™ from time to time has Pre-Owned units available. These pre-owned units have been processed through our remanufacture process and are offered as Zero Hour Units.  Call us at 1-800-558-2280 for information on any pre-owned units in stock.

Remanufacture Services

Fast-Vac™ offers Remanufacture Services for virtually any make or model of Industrial Vacuum Loader taking the unit back to a Zero Hours Unit or we can convert it to a Fast-Vac Series unit.

Below is a Fast-vac R-Series™ Unit that was rebuilt using our Remanufacture Process

Industrial Vacuum Loader Rebuild
Fast-Vac IVL Remanufacturing
Fast-vac R-Series Industrail Vacuum Loader Before Reman