Fast-Vac S-Series™ Vacuum Loaders…
Fast-Vac S-Series Industrial Vacuum Loader



are heavy-duty, powerful, efficient, and dust free industrial vacuum modules, integrally mounted on a suitable truck chassis for vacuum removal of virtually any dry material, sludges, slurries, and liquids from remote or inaccessible locations. It is easy to maneuver for a one man operation.  These heavy duty Industrial vacuum loaders have a wide range of other applications.

Each unit can come completely equipped with many options including a 270 degree articulating boom.   Twin Cylinder body lift, and a Roots style positive displacement 16 Hg or 27 Hg pump. Every Fast-Vac can be mounted on your chassis of choice including Remanufactured units. When the remanufactured units are completed they are zero hour machines.

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Vacuum Pump

Positive displacement rotary lobe vacuum pump for 6000 icfm at 0” Hg and 5000 icfm at 15” Hg at standard temperature and pressure. Pump is isolated from chassis frame by rubber isolator mounts.


Transfer case with air shift in chassis cab. Transfer case is isolated from chassis frame by rubber isolator mounts.

Hydraulic Dump Hopper

The hopper is constructed of heavy gauge all welded steel construction and is reinforced to handle a negative pressure of 15 inches of mercury. Hydraulic lift with dual cylinders capable of achieving a minimum 50º dump angle. Dual hoist cylinders provide maximum stability while dumping.


Hydraulic over mechanical for open, close, lock, and unlock mechanisms. Heavy Duty D-ring style gasket assures maximum sealing for liquids.


Transmission mounted PTO with hydraulic pump of adequate capacity and pressure rating. Necessary spool  valves and circulation system of adequate pressure and capacity rating.

Filtration System

Bag house will have an air to cloth ratio as follows:

  • At 5000 icfm     80 bags, 10.3 to 1 air to cloth ratio
  • At 4000 icfm    80 bags, 8.3 to 1 air to cloth ratio
  • At 3000 icfm    80 bags, 6.2 to 1 air to cloth ratio

Bags are installed with a “Snap Ring” retaining system. Filter cages are manufactured with crush resistant reinforcing wires and are zinc plated to insure long life and easy bag removal. Bag cleaning system also has an adequate size air compressor to maintain 100 psi with surge tank. Air system has provisions for heating and cleaning. Filter bags are cleaned by jet pulse  with appropriate valves and solid state sequencing timer contained in a NEMA 4 enclosure. NEMA 4 enclosure is also rubber isolated.


Controls in the cab are provided for shifting the transfer case, setting the engine throttle and reverse pulse jet system. Hydraulic controls are located above the truck frame for ease of operation and adequate ground clearance.


Above truck frame mounted instrumentation to be mounted in a NEMA 4 enclosure with safety glass door and will include the following: Differential Pressure Gauge, Vacuum Gauge, Hydraulic Pressure Gauge, Tachometer, Elapsed Time Meter, and Air Pressure Gauge are basic instrumentation. No external instrumentation is standard, but may be added as options.

Bag House and Collector Body Construction

Round bodies are 1/4” thick steel. Square bodies are a minimum of 7 gauge steel. Bag house dumps with the collector body. Easy open/close (no tools required) bag house clean out. Doors are provided on each side of bag house.

Filtration system is of parallel design (versus series design) for more efficient use of available horsepower, thus eliminating any dusting by utilizing separate flow paths for wet and dry modes. Ladders are provided for access   to all maintenance areas from ground level. Payload capacity is 20 cubic yards (gross) for round bodies and 22 cubic yards (gross) for square bodies.

The safety of the people working with or on Fast-Vac equipment is of primary concern. Because of competitive pressures not to include various safety ideas as standard equipment. Fast-Vac offers all our safety items as options on this model. We highly recommend that you add as many as your budget allows, to insure that your operators are safely protected.


The safety of the people working with and on this equipment is of primary concern. The following items are included.
A. A tailgate support and body chock are provided for both tailgate and body when either is in the “UP” position for service work.
B. All access doors are capable of being locked in the open position.
C. Changeover from wet to dry mode of operation (and visa versa) is accomplished without entering the machine’s interior and with a minimum of operator effort.
D. An audible warning alarm is included in the hydraulic circuit for tailgate open and closed.
E. Safe (non-skid tape) walking surfaces are provided on all areas of the machine requiring operator or maintenance attention.
F. All elevated surfaces are enclosed by fold-up hand rails.
G. A permanently mounted ladder is provided for access to any elevated areas. Ladder starts at ground level.


Unit is designed for ease of maintenance. The unit has a lubrication chart attached. The unit also incorporates commonly manufactured components for ease of replacement of parts and service.


The unit has cleaning access from the top so the unit can be washed down through the bag house, through all inner walls, between the box and the bag house, and all ductwork. There is easy access to wash lower portion of  bag house from side to side and front to rear.


The vacuum module is manufactured with industry standard components. The unit is welded by certified welders to assure the highest quality. The unit incorporates all new components. No remanufactured or used parts are used.




Fast-Vac™ reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Download Spec Sheet

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